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Tableman app – waiters, forget about pen and pad

Forget the pen and notepads when taking orders. Our new app for caterers, Tableman, makes the ordering process easier and faster. Nowadays, nobody likes to wait for service in a cafe or restaurant, and it is especially frustrating if you get something to drink or eat that you didn't order. We were guided by this idea when developing the Tableman application. The goal of the Tableman application is to increase the efficiency and accuracy of waiters, and thus the satisfaction of guests, which will bring multiple profits to your restaurant.


The application is intended for waiters (in cafes, restaurants...), who take the order quickly, efficiently and accurately, by clicking on the selected items on their smartphone device, and the order is forwarded to the main cash register and the invoice is printed immediately. With this application, the waiter can successfully and without error take orders from several tables in a short time. It is decorated with ease of use and a "user-friendly" interface. The application is currently only available for Android smartphones, but an iOS version is planned in the future.

You can watch a short video below.

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