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Informing visitors through an application that does not require downloading. By simply creating it with AI tools, it enables the quality of providing information through digital channels. 

Since 2019, our AudioGUIDE has been listened to over

187,687 times in over 200 locations

Mobile application without downloading.

No-code development

Access via link, NFC and QR code

No crowds
No problem Pure pleasure

With AudioGUIDE, guests come first. We provide easy access to content, the ability to adapt to multiple languages, and environmentally friendly solutions that reduce waste and material production costs.

Easily accessible content

Multilingual communication

Reduced cost of equipment and personnel

Better ratings and more referrals


It allows you to turn your smartphone into a personal audio guide

AudioGUIDE provides seamless guidance through history, culture and art. It provides visitors with an unforgettable experience, comfort and adaptability. Travel through time and space in the most exciting way!

Discover the future of leadership and transform your visit into an unforgettable experience


Selection of the type of navigation, through points or through a map for easier orientation of visitors

Inside the facility

Navigation through different points and levels, providing interesting information about the history, art and cultural heritage of each location visited. This experience enables users to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the cultural value of the interior spaces they explore.

External research

An audio guide is an indispensable tool for exploring cities, parks and other tourist destinations. Through rich audio content and interesting stories, the audio guide provides you with a unique opportunity to deeply understand and appreciate the beauty and culture of each place you visit.

creating an audio guide

We care about the quality of every guide we create

Content creation and entry

We input and, if necessary, create content for clients

Adaptation to needs

Audio recording, map editing, point-by-point navigation or other needs

Solution maintenance

We ensure the availability of the solution and the quality of usage on all devices

online and offline

Research without limits

We don't let challenging conditions prevent us from providing a superior experience to our guests and visitors 

What do visitors say?

Most visitors today want to receive information on their smart device and in their own language. Having a digital channel for informing visitors is becoming a standard.

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Additional services

Our team of experts provides a variety of IT services that include support, maintenance, software development and more. Our goal is to ensure that your IT infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Mobile and Web applications

The development of mobile and web apps includes design creation, backend, and frontend programming, with maintenance and upgrades 

Web pages

Creation of websites through WordPress, creation of UI/UX design, maintenance, hosting, e-mail boxes - complete digital support

Integration with other systems

Integrations with other systems allow different technological components to collaborate and exchange data for better functionality and efficiency

IoT production

The creation of IoT products includes the creation of devices connected to the Internet in order to collect and exchange data to improve functionality and services

Data protection

Data, server and computer protection includes security measures to prevent unauthorized access and data loss

Equipment acquisition and networking

Procurement of equipment and networking are key steps for the establishment and maintenance of IT infrastructure. Procurement includes the purchase of equipment, and networking includes the connection of devices for data exchange

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