System for successful business of SMEs

Software solution for
creating an account warehouse control report review record of work

A system for issuing retail and wholesale invoices with uninterrupted monitoring of traffic, storage and employees and easier generation of important reports and documents. It also includes a POS cash register for fast receipts!

With Forits

make better and more informed decisions!

What types of businesses use Fortis?


Agencies and associations

Service providers


Field work

Online stores



Significant modules of Fortis

Issuance of invoices and offers

Wherever you are, quickly issue an offer or invoice, automatically send to e-mail or print with a 2D code for easier payment


Add contract templates, create new contracts and add invoicing to them for easier tracking of contract billing.

POS cash register

Mobile, tablet or desktop POS cash registers are tools for quick processing of sales and billing of products or services.

Warehouse operations

Add standards to items, enter receipts, incoming and outgoing invoices, issue delivery notes and returns with our ERP system

Accounting reports

All important accounting reports in one place, facilitating communication with accounting and complete insight into the business

Additional integrations

Integrating the system with additional applications to create a complete IT system

A division of the Fortis system

Web application

Create detailed offers and invoices, free yourself from administration. Track finances and manage expenses automatically. Track goods or services and access data from anywhere.

POS cash register

A mobile or desktop application for fast and efficient retail checkout, integrates with sales items and provides functionality such as inventory tracking and invoice generation.

What do the documents I create through Fortis look like?

Offers and invoices


Transaction accounts

Cash accounts

Shipping receipts

Recapitulation of taxes

Warehouse operations


Incoming invoices

Product calculation


Interim warehouses

What does the Fortis web application contain?

Access your business wherever you are, manage your business and issue important documents in the blink of an eye

Detailed tracking of products or services with transparent records of financial transactions. Users precisely set prices and conditions, monitor the status of offers and invoices, and send e-invoices with one click, with an overview of all documents in one place. Automatic sending of e-invoices to partners further simplifies processes.

It allows users to precisely track the arrival of products or services, enter information on quantities, condition and quality, and create documents for canceling or reversing financial transactions, which is essential for corrections, changes or confirmation of receipt of products from suppliers, thus simplifying the company's record of costs and liabilities .

Manage contracts easily by creating and customizing templates and automatically generate invoices according to contract terms, including selecting periodicity and adding service, quickly invoicing monthly contracts.

Easily manage item, partner and branch cards, monitor warehouse status and define special partners and suppliers for specific items. View suppliers associated with a specific item and track sales by product groups, employees and customers.

Management of working hours, administration of rights levels for users. Records of annual leave and sick leave make this module a complete system for records of work. 

Fortis is used by over 100 companies and over 2,000 users

Over 20 employees involved in the creation of Fortis provide you with a simple tool for business management, better information and easier and better decision-making.

Reduce potential headaches with always-on support

With the initial training for the use of the system and through the constantly available support and continuous improvement of the product, we provide you with the prerequisites for successful business

What makes cooperation with us different?

Financial expertise

20 years of experience in creating business systems provides us with professional knowledge of financial operations

There is no contractual obligation

You can terminate your license at any time without paying any additional fees or costs

IT expertise

Our professional staff turns every problem into a challenge and there is no IT problem that we cannot solve

Modular solution

A solution that follows the growth of the company, for every new challenge we probably already have a ready-made solution

Support that helps

Constantly available support at your disposal to solve potential challenges as quickly and easily as possible

Network of partners

We cooperate with accounting firms and other market participants in order to facilitate the work of our clients

For the price of 5 coffees a month, take control of your business

Basic version

Sufficient content for our clients' 63%
/ per month
Code books and administration
Offers, invoices, e-invoices
Automated sending
A lightweight CRM system
Upgrade easily

Additional modules upon request

Warehouse operations +€18/month
Record of work +€7/month
POS cash register +€15/month
Reports +€5/month
Contracts +€8/month

Additional services

System setup 37,50€
Equipment procurement service Free

Do you issue a lot of cash receipts?

Use one of our retail apps

Mobile cash register

The mobile POS application provides an affordable and mobile payment solution, ideal for those who value flexibility in the field. Although it has limited functionality compared to a computer, it allows you to track inventory and create invoices.

Tablet cash register

The Tablet POS application combines mobility with expanded capabilities, providing integration with sales items, support for various payment methods, and functionality for tracking inventory and generating invoices. It is suitable for retail environments.

Desktop cash register

The computerized POS application offers powerful functionalities and a high level of security, making it an ideal choice for companies that require accurate tracking of inventory, financial transactions, and flexibility and customization in billing.

Additional integrations

Our ERP platform also enables your company to integrate with key systems to ensure complete and efficient business management. These integrations connect our ERP system to other important aspects of your business, including finance, sales, inventory management and customer communications. This extends the functionality of our solution and makes it a central point for all company operations, helping you better manage resources and data and make informed business decisions.

System for successful business of SMEs

Software solution for
creating an account warehouse control report review record of work

A system for issuing retail and wholesale invoices with uninterrupted monitoring of traffic, storage and employees and easier generation of important reports and documents. It also includes a POS cash register for fast receipts!

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Additional services

Our team of experts provides a variety of IT services that include support, maintenance, software development and more. Our goal is to ensure that your IT infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Mobile and Web applications

The development of mobile and web apps includes design creation, backend, and frontend programming, with maintenance and upgrades 

Web pages

Creation of websites through WordPress, creation of UI/UX design, maintenance, hosting, e-mail boxes - complete digital support

Integration with other systems

Integrations with other systems allow different technological components to collaborate and exchange data for better functionality and efficiency

IoT production

The creation of IoT products includes the creation of devices connected to the Internet in order to collect and exchange data to improve functionality and services

Data protection

Data, server and computer protection includes security measures to prevent unauthorized access and data loss

Equipment acquisition and networking

Procurement of equipment and networking are key steps for the establishment and maintenance of IT infrastructure. Procurement includes the purchase of equipment, and networking includes the connection of devices for data exchange

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