GUIDE for YOU as an Innovative Solution for Challenges at Villas Rab

If you have ever visited the island of Rab and stayed at the beautiful luxury villas of Villas Rab, you have probably admired the stunning beaches, crystal-clear sea, and rich history and culture. However, the owners of Villas Rab faced challenges in their quest to enhance the guest experience. In this blog post, we will explore how their partnership with the GUIDE for YOU application resolved these challenges and provided an incredible experience to every guest.

Challenges they encountered

Throughout the years of refinement, Villas Rab decided to go a step further and make it easier for guests to navigate the island. The island of Rab is full of hidden gems, but finding these places without local knowledge or a guide can be a challenge. Additionally, language barriers often pose a problem for international guests who want to communicate with the local population or obtain information in different languages. To overcome these challenges and further satisfy their guests, Villas Rab found a solution in the GUIDE for YOU application.

The solution Villas Rab found

The GUIDE for YOU application provides comprehensive information to guests at all times, facilitating easy navigation around the island and offering personalized recommendations. This tourism application is available in multiple languages and features functionalities such as navigation, points of interest, route reservations, audio guides, and push notifications. Innovative technology has enabled Villas Rab to provide guests with all the necessary information about their accommodation and the surrounding area in one place. As a result, guests of Villas Rab can access GUIDE for YOU at any time and from any location on the island, allowing them to plan their daily activities before leaving their villa or while on the go.

This is what they say about GUIDE: “Guests are very satisfied that they can find all the information in one place. The application is also useful for us as hosts because it enables us to promote our accommodation and reservations in an easy way.” Elvira Vuković, Star Turist Ltd.

Valuable innovative capabilities

One of the key advantages of the GUIDE for YOU application is personalized push notifications, which allow Villas Rab to recommend not only their own offers, but also local attractions and activities tailored to guests’ interests. Additionally, the application provides an extensive database of local attractions, cultural events, restaurants, shops, natural beauty spots, and excursion bookings, among others. For more information, contact us.