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Your key for improving the reputation of the destination marketing, gaining insights through advanced statistics for better decisions. Encouraging cooperation between businesses in the tourist destination and creating satisfied guests that return and recommend the destination.

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In a simple way

Provide information to guests 

Communication in all languages

No-code development

Access via link, NFC and QR code


Presentation of the complete offer for greater guest satisfaction

With our platform, you have complete content control over every aspect of your guide, Prevent false information and ensure a high quality experience for your guests

More sales with fewer inquiries

We input and, if necessary, create content for clients

Communication in all languages

Content created in the native language can be translated into any desired language for even easier communication

A long-term sustainable solution

We ensure the availability of the solution and the quality of usage on all devices


Guests can easily find and book their desired activities in one click!

Android and iOS application

By downloading the mobile application, guests receive additional benefits and can use additional features within the application. Digital guide remains saved on the guest's mobile phone for later use.

Web mobile application

Guests can use the web application so that they do not have to download the application and to get information quickly and easily. In addition, the web application can be integrated within an existing website.

How to increase guest satisfaction?

How does GUIDE for YOU help guests?

Complete tourist offer in guest pocket

A complete digital destination guide enables easier distribution, easier control over content and significantly affects the quality of information available to guests. 

Communication with guests

GUIDE for YOU communicates in the guest language. In addition, it's also possible to send personalised notifications to guests about new offers and events around 

Reputation marketing

Nowadays, we see a variety of applications everywhere, and guests expect the possibility of easy information and, even more importantly, a direct call to action!

Availability of information

GUIDE for YOU ensures that all information is available 99.9% percent of the time. All updates and changes are done during night hours to achieve maximum availability

Cooperation within the local community

By having the GUIDE for YOU application, you promote other participants in the local community, but they also promote you.

Why choose GUIDE for YOU?

For accommodation facilities

Increase the visibility and attractiveness of the accomodation

A system that informs guests in their own language for you, with full control over the information you want to provide. 

For cities, municipalities and tourist boards

Provide guests with a complete guide to the destination

A complete guide for guests through the destination that makes the destination more attractive. Provides easy access to information.

For natural and cultural landmarks

Raise the value of the services provided

Guide and audio guide through natural and cultural sights to create a better and more complete experience. 

No download required

Research without limits

With the web application, we ensure easier access to content, while with the mobile application we provide greater functionality. 

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