How Hotel Olea improved guest experience with GUIDE for YOU

One of the key aspects of providing excellent service in the hotel industry is quality communication with guests. Hotel Olea, a premium hotel located in Novalja on the island of Pag, has successfully enhanced that communication and provided an exceptional experience to its guests through an innovative solution – the GUIDE for YOU application. In this blog post, we will explore how Hotel Olea has leveraged the full potential of mobile technology.

How did Hotel Olea enhance communication with guests?

From the very beginning, Hotel Olea has been dedicated to providing top-notch service to its guests. In search of innovative ways to improve communication with guests, they decided to implement GUIDE for YOU. It enables hotel staff to easily and quickly share information with guests, provides guests with access to all the information about the hotel and its surroundings, and positively impacts their overall stay experience. With GUIDE for YOU, guests can find all the information about the hotel’s restaurant, bars, beautifully designed Spa & Wellness center, local attractions, natural beauty, activities, and other attractions in Novalja.

Time and resource savings for hotel staff

One of the key advantages of the application is removing language barriers between guests and hotel staff. Instead of spending time and resources answering frequently asked questions, the application provides all the necessary information to guests in their native language. This approach frees up the staff , allowing them to fully focus on providing high-quality service and a personal approach to each guest. Hotel Olea pays great attention to every guest and takes care of their individual needs, continuously working on improving service and ensuring the best possible guest experience.

This is what the director says about GUIDE: “Using GUIDE for YOU, the problems at the reception disappeared. Guests enjoy an overview of the hotel and nearby activities. We are very satisfied with this kind of business model and have no problems with keeping this solution forever.” Ivica Lukanović, director of Hotel Olea.

Harness the potential

The implementation of the GUIDE for YOU application has enabled Hotel Olea to enhance communication with guests from different countries and provide them with a personalized experience. Now guests have all the information about the hotel and its surroundings at their fingertips, allowing them to fully enjoy the hotel’s offerings. So, if you want to improve communication and provide an unforgettable experience to your guests, consider implementing GUIDE for YOU and harness the potential of mobile technology. For more information and consultations, contact us.