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How did the tourist board of Vodnjan help the owners of accommodation facilities?

The Vodnjan Tourist Board has improved the guest experience by enabling accommodation owners to use the GUIDE for YOU application. The personalized mobile app provided guests with destination information, a booking incentive and free promotion. Dina Žufić emphasizes the satisfaction of the guests, and the application is installed on more than 814 devices, which confirms the success of the initiative.

The tourist board of the town of Vodnjan has decided to benefit its local community. Namely, it enabled all owners of accommodation facilities, regardless of which category they belong to, to use the tourist mobile application GUIDE for YOU for all guests or tourists.

Improved quality of stay in the area of ​​the city of Vodnjan by providing accommodation facilities with a digital solution

The tourist application was created to create additional value for foreign and domestic guests, and for the owners of accommodation facilities in Vodnjan, it significantly increased the opportunities to attract, retain and return guests and achieve better reviews on the platforms. In addition to the above, the tourist board, with GUIDE for YOU, provided the entire tourism sector with an ecological solution, saving money on promotional materials and free promotion of facilities and services.

In addition, the tourist board of the city of Vodnjan has in this way gained the possibility of “quiet communication” with tourists, that is, of sending notifications via the application, such as recommendations, advice, and information about upcoming events.

Owners of accommodation facilities in the city of Vodnjan with GUIDE for YOU provide better service and have the possibility of earning up to 10% when guests book excursions and similar activities. Also, guests can directly book and recommend their accommodation through the application. In this way, the owners of accommodation facilities have reduced the use of platforms that charge them large commissions for bookings.

Read below what Dina Žufić, head of the tourist information center in Vodnjan, said:

“We are very satisfied with the application that combines AUDIO GUIDE and APP GUIDE for YOU. Our area is large, with an area of ​​over 100 km2 and, in addition to Vodnjan itself, it also includes Galižana, Peroj and Barbariga, and surrounding settlements. With the application, our guests have all the necessary information in the palm of their hands regarding cultural and natural sights, active vacations, gastronomic offers, and events in our area. For our restaurateurs and renters, we especially printed labels for each accommodation unit with a QR code for downloading the application and a visual that clearly shows what the application offers. These stickers are free for all our stakeholders in tourism, as is the application itself. The multilingual capability of the app is also an advantage that enhances the visitor experience. This summer (2022), the application was installed on over 814 devices and we hope for even greater growth next season.”

Personalized tourist application at an acceptable price

If an accommodation facility, such as a hotel/apartment/villa and others, wants its GUIDE for YOU mobile application, it can be created within 10-20 working days and is very reasonably priced. Namely, this application stands out in that it allows the owners of all tourist facilities to quickly implement their personalized application, without having to pay the large sums that are normally required.

Although the tourist board of the city of Vodnjan has provided GUIDE for YOU to owners of accommodation facilities, they can also request additional personalization of the application such as additions and changes to the content and stronger promotion of the facility itself.

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