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How to increase direct booking with GUIDE for YOU?

GUIDE for YOU allows guests to share experiences and reservations via social networks, avoiding high commissions. Drive loyalty through personalized offers and fully control bookings. #Tourism #Inovation #GUIDEforYOU

How does GUIDE for YOU work?

This mobile app allows all your guests or tourists to share content and insight into your location and accommodation via social networks with “Share your adventure”. It enables this in the form of online postcards and a link for direct access to the application. Since the application contains all the most important information, photos, attractions, and offers in the area, your guest’s acquaintances will get a direct insight into the content of the location. This way makes it possible to create positive impressions without the need for strong marketing skills and make reservations quickly and easily, and your guest becomes your “seller”.

Avoid high commissions

Well-known platforms, which most accommodation facilities use today for bookings, take advantage of this and charge large commissions or fees. GUIDE for YOU works for you in this case. Guests have the option of directly booking their accommodation and can share the booking link in the form of an invitation to their acquaintances, family, friends, and others. In this way, if you wish, you can provide your guests who share the invitation (link) with a certain discount for the next accommodation reservation (for example, a bonus or similar) and/or to people who came via the invitation. This way you don’t give your own money to third parties via commission.

Your previous and current guests are your strongest assets when it comes to bookings. Attract past guests with GUIDE for YOU with compelling discounts and offers. Personalized service creates lasting guest loyalty and encourages repeat visits and direct bookings.

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