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How to increase revenue with your custom tourist mobile app?

GUIDE for YOU - a personalized mobile application for your tourist facility! Increase revenue, attract new guests and provide an unforgettable experience. Offer discounts, navigation and easy communication. Invest in the future of tourism!

How to increase revenue with your custom tourist mobile app?

Have a personalized app for your guests/tourists. It’s a great way for tourist boards /hotels /apartments to reach more guests, save them time, and help them have an unforgettable vacation experience in a new destination. We have created a mobile application GUIDE for YOU which enables them to easily access all of the content that you want to share with them by downloading and using it for free. It reduces the time required for visitors to find places in a particular area.

3 easy steps:

  • Contact us via any platform
  • Choose which content you want to present to your guests and personalized content about you.
  • We deliver your personalized mobile application to you within a few working days

A user-friendly app GUIDE for YOU is easy to navigate, contains a wealth of information, and provides discounts for your guests. They can share their adventures and invitations online on various platforms with their friends and acquaintances. And most importantly, they can send a discount e.g. accommodation in a hotel/apartment/vacation rental to their contacts (friends, family, etc.). You choose the amount of the discount.

A Mobile App is the Best Investment That Your Tourism Business Can Make

The tourism business is ever-changing and innovations are coming out all the time. A mobile app is a great investment for any business that wants to stay ahead of the game. It’s also a good way to engage with your customers and provide them with an immersive experience.

GUIDE for YOU allows you to offer your guests discounts for certain facilities/attractions within the application. This way motivates guests to come back because of the feeling of trust and being rewarded. This is a great incentive because they feel valued and it allows them to save money. The application will show the locations and nearest attractions so guests can see exactly what they want to visit and when. This is an instant reward and something your guests will appreciate. Today, guests often show their satisfaction and gratitude publicly, i.e. through social networks and reviewers on various platforms.

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