Informatika Fortuno doo - Your reliable partner for digital transformation

As part of the program "Vouchers for digitization", Informatika Fortuno doo presents itself as a leading IT company with exceptional experience in development and implementation of software solutions for digitization of various business entities. Our expert team is focused on providing support to entrepreneurs in maximizing the benefits of digital transformation and improving their business models.

Our main goal is to achieve your successful transformation. As a reliable partner, we provide customized software solutions that optimize business processes, increase efficiency and enable you to gain competitive advantages. Our expert team works with you to understand your specific needs and provide you with solutions that will meet all your requirements.

Some of our references:

  1. Regulator doo - In cooperation with the company Regulator, we provided a software solution for automating business processes and improving the efficiency of field work. Our technological solutions have enabled the company Regulator to improve operational processes, increase productivity and reduce the time needed to complete business tasks
  2. Grad Export doo -For Grad Export, we developed an application for managing production processes that facilitated their internal communication, accelerated production processes and reduced the rate of human errors. Our software solutions enabled the company Grad Export to achieve greater efficiency in production and achieve better results in its sector.
  3. Installer doo - In cooperation with the Instaler company, we provided a solution for monitoring and managing project processes and automating the records of working hours, which saved time and increased productivity. Our customized software solutions have enabled Instaler to efficiently manage their projects, reduce administrative costs and optimize their workforce.
  4. Boost doo- We developed a CRM and GRDP platform for the company Boost, which enabled them to reach a larger number of customers, better records of work and higher quality results. Our advanced technology solutions have enabled Boost to achieve competitive advantages, improve its marketing and sales activities, and achieve customer satisfaction.
  5. Polion doo - In cooperation with the company Polion, we provided a solution for the supervision and management of construction projects and activities at every business location. Our integrated software solutions have enabled Polion to improve control and coordination of construction projects, increase process transparency and optimize resources.

And many others…

We are proud of our wide base of satisfied clients who have used our software solutions to improve their business operations.

As Informatika Fortuno doo, we have the expertise and capacity to provide support in all aspects of digital transformation, including the development of customized software solutions, implementation of new technologies and support during the process. Our goal is to ensure that every client realizes competitive advantages through digitization and achieves successful results.

If your company would like to take advantage of Digitization Vouchers, please feel free to contact us to provide further information and help with your application.

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