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Tourists of the future

Innovations in tourism - find out what tourists of the future are looking for

If you are engaged in tourism, whether you rent accommodation or present one of the attractive tourist destinations, you are certainly dedicated to finding innovative tourist solutions which will enable you to have a better user experience with the brand, but also increase revenues.

Futurists say, the tourist of the future is educated, open, ready for experiments, eager to experience the destination with all senses. But he is more demanding than ever before. In search of authentic and non-mass tourism content, destinations are searched primarily by principle ecological and social sustainability, but exclusively on digital channels.

This new generation of travelers includes almost two billion inhabitants. Among them are teenagers who were born with technology, pre-teens and those born at the turn of the two millennia. You guessed it, it's about generation Z which is becoming the most influential consumer base on the planet.

Decisions based on simplicity and intuition

The representatives of generation Z do not choose the tourist destinations they want to visit in the future in travel agencies, through catalogs, TV reports or on family recommendations. Most of them look for inspiration through digital channels – Instagram or TikTok, based on recommendation influencers or famous people. And that shouldn't surprise us because they only know the digital world they were born into.

And these kind of guests are looking digitally in the accommodation itself or in the tourist destination, through tourism innovations. If you now want to brag about how you can access the Internet in your apartment or vacation home a simple QR code scan, we will have to disappoint you. For this target group of tourists, it has long been "out of date". Generation Z prefers NFC technology, which allows them to quickly, wirelessly interact between devices, without the need for scanning, and also for use does not require additional applications. The point? A better user experience based on intuition and simplicity.

How to deal with changes?

The magic formula for attracting a generation of new guests is: accessibility, innovative experiences and ecology in the first place. This would mean that the tourists of the future want a personalized and casual style of communication, and it would be ideal to address them as little directly as possible, and as much as possible through innovative technology. A mobile key or a robotic doorbell are just some of the examples that have long been present in modern countries. 

As our mission is to create technological solutions that shape the future, we have gone a few steps further, so we encourage you to provide your guests with easy access to all hotel facilities with our innovative solutions for tourism. For example, for digital access to the content of your hotel, set MAIC CUBE unique cube at the hotel reception or in the guest rooms. There are even simpler solutions (NFC) The Uno, an attractive cube that will encourage hotel or vacation home guests to visit your website or app, by touching their mobile phone and simply establishing digital communication, that is (NFC) Cards, thin wooden cards with the same function, which can easily be stored in a wallet or become environmentally sustainable promotional gift!

Tourists of the future

In addition to advanced technology, these unique examples of innovation in tourism also have in common that they are made of pure oak wood, each surface of which can be shaped according to the wishes and aesthetic requirements of the client, since each product is made by hand, providing complete freedom in creating a design.

Remember the beginning of the story, tourists of the future are more demanding than ever before. You can now turn that challenge into your selling advantage by using innovative, environmentally and socially sustainable. Do you need advice or help along the way, contact us with confidence.

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