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Using modern digital marketing technologies and with the help of modern tools for creating websites and attractive web design, we enable the growth of our clients' business!

Our services

API and Webhook integrations

We create modern websites and web stores optimized for all devices on which users can navigate easily and quickly. Each project is adapted to the individual needs of the client - from design to additional functionality and options.

A website is the most important element in branding and building a company's digital identity. 

For this reason, it is extremely important that each website is created in accordance with the wishes of the clients in order to present your business in the best light.

The global growth trend of internet shopping has also been transferred to Croatia - as early as 2017, 35 percent of customers in Croatia who use the internet made purchases online.

In addition to the design and creation of modern and transparent web stores, we provide support to the client in the phase of adaptation to web business and facilitate the finding and retention of customers.

UI/UX design refers to the design of the user interface, that is, adapting the appearance of the website or web shop to the user's wishes.

A well-designed user interface directly affects the improvement of the user experience of your website, which means a longer time spent on your website and a higher probability of users returning to your site due to a good previous experience.

Digital marketing

Businesses are increasingly moving online - and marketing is the link that connects the end user or customer with the services or products of each company. Therefore, digital marketing is an indispensable part of every modern company.

Google Ads (Google advertising) is a paid advertising system that activates your ads when a user searches for specific keywords that you included in the Google Ads campaign.

Such a system allows your ads to be displayed only on relevant searches of users who are looking for your service or your product.

Successful management of Google Ads campaigns requires knowledge and experience, which is taken care of by our team of certified Google Ads experts.

There are currently over one and a half billion websites active on the Internet, and Google's statistics show that users search Google as many as three and a half billion times a day!

That is why it is reasonable to ask how to make your website visible in this sea of searches and other competing websites. The answer is website optimization!

Optimization for pages (Search Engine Optimization - SEO) is a process in which we improve your website according to all Google standards! There are over 300 factors that affect the positioning of your website on the results page and if you take care of them you will see results!


We create modern websites and web stores optimized for all devices on which users can navigate easily and quickly. Each project is adapted to the individual needs of the client - from design to additional functionality and options.

Our website maintenance service gives you peace of mind while we take care of all the technical and content details. We offer regular updates, fast troubleshooting and security maintenance so you can focus on your core business, knowing your website is always in the best hands.

Term Hosting means placing internet pages on a server that makes them available and visible to all internet users. Each domain is placed on a specific web hosting server, and browsers, when displaying web pages, take all data about the web page from the server on which they are located.

Our servers are fast, unburdened and secure, which ensures permanent website functionality and speeds up their loading and display to users. In every hosting package, we also provide a free SSL certificate that increases the level of website security and protects the website from viruses, malware and hacker attacks.

In addition, when choosing a hosting package, you can choose the number of e-mail addresses, the number of websites and domains, and the amount of data storage space you need.

In today's business world, it is extremely important to have an online identity in the form of a website and social media profile. However, the thing that further strengthens that identity is your own e-mail domain.

E-mail hosting implies the configuration and setting up of an unlimited number of e-mail accounts for all associates and employees of your company. This facilitates mutual communication within the company and additionally strengthens the credibility and identity of the company, and you can choose packages of different sizes of E-mail storage space according to your needs.

E-mail accounts can be configured on any type of device (computer, tablet, mobile phone), and always available customer support ensures the functionality of the hosting server at all times.