The quality of Informatika Fortuno doo was recognized by the institutions of the European Union, which support our project under the name:

Internationalization of the company's operations
Informatics Fortuno doo

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Structural and Investment Funds in the financial period 2014-2020, specifically, from the European Fund for Regional Development through the "Internationalization of SME Business - Phase 2" competition.

The project was approved in order to internationalize the business of Informatika Fortuno by participating in international fairs as an exhibitor, all in order to improve its presence on the market. In this way, preconditions will be created for the planned business growth, which will generate the need to retain existing and create new jobs, along with income growth. In addition, the successful implementation of the investment in question has led to/will lead to (among other things):
• Reduction of dependence on the domestic market, which consequently leads to:
– Increase in sales revenue
- Earnings from exports
• Preservation of existing jobs
• Planned opening of new jobs
• By participating in international fairs as an exhibitor, the company improved its competitiveness on the foreign market through the presentation of its own solutions/products.
• Access to 8 target markets (Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, USA, UK)

The total value of the project is HRK 329,365.00, of which HRK 206,010.51 is non-refundable.
The project implementation period is from June 1, 2019. – 01.07.2020.

User: Informatika Fortuno doo
Address: Dragutina Žanića-Karle 27a, 32 100 Vinkovci

Contact person:
• Mario Levanić, director
• Telephone number of the contact person: +385 98 842 470
• Email address of the contact person:

Contact of relevant institutions:
European Structural Investment Funds –
European Fund for Regional Development -
Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Program -

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