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Hotel system made by hoteliers

A complete system for
Hotel operations Guest experiences Organization of work Employee education

Digitization of hotel operations through the provision of high-quality IT solutions based on the real needs of hotel business and guest requirements

Replaces 3-5 systems per accomodation

A system developed with the aim of turning the well-known scattered daily hotel operations into clear, responsible and automated communication.

Increase in revenue per room up to 30%

Increase sales and allow guests to schedule various services, such as SPA treatments, table reservations, even on your website

Connection of operations and guest requests

A virtual concierge that is connected to the employee application so that every request is actually a task for the responsible employee or department


We combine the guest's requirements and operational challenges into one whole circle, creating a closed hotel eco-system that provides insight into the current business situation

Schedules and task automation

Complete schedules and auto-recurring tasks for long-term management

Hotel AZ and book of standards

A complete guide through the accommodation facility for guests and a book of work standards and procedures for a better quality of work for workers 

Introduction of new employees

With the possibility of AI translation of tasks and conversations, employees have access to a knowledge base and a book of standards on their language

Repairs and maintenance

Monitoring repairs according to guest requests and preventive maintenance with predetermined periodic tasks


Each room has specific requirements and checklists with cleaning times for better administration

SPA management

Reservation of SPA services through the guest application, management of reservations, employees and schedules 

Management of restaurants and bars

High-quality order processing and table reservation management with various payment and usage options

Budgeting and planning

With the data available through MAIC, budgeting, and planning become less demanding and, most importantly, faster, more concise, and more informed

Integrated with your PMS system!

Our deep integrations provide a complete sense of freedom in integrating new systems and applications 

MAIC unifies all hotel operating processes through 90%

Where does MAIC bring the greatest advantage?

Guest experiences
0 %
Operations and daily tasks
0 %
Availability of information
0 %
Sale of additional services
0 %
Internal communication
0 %
Planning and budgeting
0 %

Guest application without download and registration

In order for the system to have value for employees and managers, it is essential to resolve the problems and challenges that guests encounter during their stay

Management of multiple objects from one platform

Complete insight into hotel operations through advanced statistics and reports with a complete record of requests and messages, both internally and with guests

Operational application for employees

The application allows employees easier internal communication, faster task solving and quicker information about upcoming events and important tasks

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Additional services

Our team of experts provides a variety of IT services that include support, maintenance, software development and more. Our goal is to ensure that your IT infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Mobile and Web applications

The development of mobile and web apps includes design creation, backend, and frontend programming, with maintenance and upgrades 

Web pages

Creation of websites through WordPress, creation of UI/UX design, maintenance, hosting, e-mail boxes - complete digital support

Integration with other systems

Integrations with other systems allow different technological components to collaborate and exchange data for better functionality and efficiency

IoT production

The creation of IoT products includes the creation of devices connected to the Internet in order to collect and exchange data to improve functionality and services

Data protection

Data, server and computer protection includes security measures to prevent unauthorized access and data loss

Equipment acquisition and networking

Procurement of equipment and networking are key steps for the establishment and maintenance of IT infrastructure. Procurement includes the purchase of equipment, and networking includes the connection of devices for data exchange

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