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Mandatory information on Croatian websites

We have received many inquiries on this very topic. RULES, RULES, RULES…. Most users are not aware of the current rules on mandatory data on Croatian websites. We believe that you do not want to have a close encounter with the State Inspectorate, so make sure you check if you have these items on your website:

  • Name and abbreviated name of the company
  • Headquarter
  • Court where the company is registered in the Court Register
  • The number under which the company is registered in the Court Register
  • The amount of the company's share capital, and whether the share capital has been paid in full
  • If it has not been paid in full, it is necessary to state which part of the share capital has not been paid
  • In the case of a joint-stock company, the total number of issued shares and their nominal amounts
  • Surname and at least one name of a member of the Company's Management Board
  • In the case of a joint-stock company, the members of the board, i.e. the executive directors and the chairman of the supervisory or board of directors
  • The company and headquarters of the institution where the account is kept and the account number


What are the penalties?

From the Companies Act (Official Gazette 111/93, 34/99, 52/00, 118/03)

Art. 630.

"For the misdemeanor from the previous paragraph of this article, a fine of up to HRK 50,000.00 may be imposed.

For a misdemeanor, a member of the company, a member of the management or supervisory board, or a liquidator who, according to the provisions of this Act or the articles of association, or the social contract of the company, is the responsible person in the company regarding the action referred to in paragraph 1 of this article committed as a misdemeanor, shall be fined up to the amount of HRK 7,000.00, and if a serious violation of the regulations was committed for the purpose of obtaining an illegal property benefit, a fine of up to HRK 50,000.00."

You can check the original texts of the aforementioned Acts at


What about business owners? 

This law applies to all trading companies that are registered as doo or dd, the aforementioned law does not apply to trades.


Do you need help?

Make sure you have all the data on your website, if the data is missing and you don't have the possibility to change it, definitely contact us please contact in order to update you with the necessary information.

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