Catering system for
issuing invoices warehouse control preparation of reports record of work

POS cash register with an advanced web application for successful management of the hospitality facility. Unobstructed monitoring of traffic, storage and employees and easier generation of important reports and documents

Caterers who have insight into their business

they realize up to 22% more gross profit

What is needed for the successful operation of a catering facility?

A simple solution for the complete operation of a catering establishment

Quick issuance and collection of invoices

Cashier for issuing invoices

POS cash register for quick issuance of fiscal invoices and keeping records of sales, billing and table management. Acceptance of various methods of billing and issuing invoices

Simple and easy business monitoring

Mobile application for business monitoring

Business insight with one click, wherever you are. Real-time synchronization enables easy monitoring of traffic and employees

Making more informed decisions

Web application for management

Complete insight into the operations of the catering establishment through advanced statistics and reports with complete records of work, sales and warehouse management 

advanced business insight

All essential information and documents that help caterers make better decisions

Resource management

Management of articles, norms, operators and actions and promotions. Determine the optimal working hours with insight into sales by hours, days and specific period.

Creation of reports

Automatic creation and delivery of the document to your accounting department. Creation of all important documents that are accessible from any device and stored on our servers.

simple and fast

Unhindered introduction of a new program and easy maintenance

A conversation about your needs

Before setting up the system, we determine essential goals and performance in a conversation with you

System setup

We enter your articles, standards, operators and the initial state of the warehouse, and we do training

Solution maintenance

We ensure the availability of the solution and the quality of use, as well as an available HelpDesk team

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Additional services

Our team of experts provides a variety of IT services that include support, maintenance, software development and more. Our goal is to ensure that your IT infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Mobile and Web applications

The development of mobile and web apps includes design creation, backend, and frontend programming, with maintenance and upgrades 

Web pages

Creation of websites through WordPress, creation of UI/UX design, maintenance, hosting, e-mail boxes - complete digital support

Integration with other systems

Integrations with other systems allow different technological components to collaborate and exchange data for better functionality and efficiency

IoT production

The creation of IoT products includes the creation of devices connected to the Internet in order to collect and exchange data to improve functionality and services

Data protection

Data, server and computer protection includes security measures to prevent unauthorized access and data loss

Equipment acquisition and networking

Procurement of equipment and networking are key steps for the establishment and maintenance of IT infrastructure. Procurement includes the purchase of equipment, and networking includes the connection of devices for data exchange

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