InfoPoint is a sustainable information system combining nature and technology. It is made of sustainable wood, powered by solar energy and provides instant access to information via NFC technology. It is equipped with sensors to monitor the environment and has an elegant design, making it the perfect addition to urban environments.


To get a glimpse of this innovation, imagine the combination of nature, technology and practicality, contained in our InfoPoint system. InfoPoint is designed with the environment and community needs in mind, to provide users with quick and easy access to key information about their municipality.

InfoPoint is made of sustainable wood, giving it a natural and attractive look that fits perfectly into any environment. But what makes InfoPoint special is its ability to take care of itself and the environment. This versatile pillar uses advanced NFC technology to provide visitors and citizens with instant access to information about the municipality.

By simply approaching the InfoPoint, users will notice light signage that draws them in and invites them to explore the InfoPoint's rich content. InfoPoint is completely energy autonomous, thanks to the solar panels placed on top. This means that it is not only environmentally friendly, but also always ready to provide information – even in the event of a power outage.

InfoPoint is equipped with a series of sensors that make its functionality even more impressive. There is a noise sensor, a motion sensor and a C02 sensor to monitor air quality. All information collected through these sensors is clearly displayed on the InfoPoint through graphical illuminated indicators, allowing users to be informed about their surroundings and events in real time.

InfoPoint is compact, elegant and practical, with column dimensions of 32 cm x 37 cm and a height of 210 cm. This makes it the perfect addition to any urban environment, park, or tourist destination.

This is where tradition and technology, nature and practicality meet. InfoPoint is more than an information pillar – it is a symbol of innovation that protects the environment, connects the community and makes information accessible to everyone.

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